The Top 8 Do’s & Don’ts for Travelling With Glasses

Posted on: August 17, 2017

When we set out for an adventure, we want to experience it fully and feel every moment of it. The primary objective of your vacation is to capture moments and create memories with our loved ones. Destroying your beloved frames during outdoor activities, far away from home, can be very annoying. We want to be able to see every detail in our excursion. For this reason, we prefer to carry glasses with us to assist us with our visual impairments. Glasses are fragile and would end up breaking if carelessly handled. Read on to know the do’s and don’ts of travelling with glasses on your next trip.

1. Do not Carry One Pair of Glasses The idea of bringing an extra pair of glasses seems like an idea of a pessimistic and a paranoid person. However, despite being careful, you should be prepared in the case of an accident. Ensure that the extra pair of glasses is similar to your other pair of glasses.

2. Do Find a Strong Case for Your Glasses Travelling can be tough. Whichever means of transport that you decide to use; a strong case is key to the safety of your glasses. This is because the bag or your luggage where you normally store your frames may be piled up with other heavy luggage leading to breakage.

3. Do not keep the Two Pairs of Glasses in the Same Bag Keeping both glasses in the same bag is not a wise idea. This is because if anything happens to the bag with the glasses, you end up losing both pairs. The point of having two pairs is to have a backup plan in case anything happens. Find a strong case, place your backup glasses inside and put it in a separate bag.

4. Do not Travel without a Prescription Many countries have physician services so it is important to carry a prescription so that if you end up losing your glasses, you’re able to purchase another pair without having to go through all the testing processes again.

5. Do Acquire Insurance Repairing your broken glasses or having to obtain a physician’s services in some countries can be very expensive. It is, therefore, essential to get insurance for your glasses if you do not have any. This is to be able to get compensation in case of any risk.

6. Do not Keep Your Glasses with Your Valuables Do not carry your glasses in your bag of valuables. This is because even if the thieves are not considerate beings, they may not be interested in stealing your glasses. However, if a thief snatches your bag with the aim of robbing your valuables, he has no time to sort out what he needs and doesn’t need, and you’ll end up losing your glasses.

7. Do Carry Shades for Day hours If you are a fan of wearing shades when travelling, get a prescription and invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses during the day may reduce the use of your glasses safeguarding them from the breakage risk.

8. Do Improvise a Repair Kit for Emergencies Some of the damages your glasses may have, may not be very serious issues. This means with a simple kit you can repair the glasses. It is, therefore, a brilliant idea to have your kit with you.

Bottom Line is glasses are fragile items that are prone to damage. To have a stress free travelling experience, carry an extra pair of glasses, a copy of your prescription and a pair of sunglasses, for emergencies. Remember to carry a simple kit and put your glasses separate from your valuables in case of theft. Happy travels!