Did you ever wonder that prescription eyeglasses can also be fun?

Prescription eyeglasses are recommended to correct common vision defects. These include corrective lenses for visual impairments like myopia or near-sightedness, hypermetropia or far sightedness, presbyopia, a combination of myopia and hypermetropia due to ageing and/or astigmatism. Credit Valley Optical in Mississauga offer a one- stop solution for all kinds of prescription lenses in a variety of frames that are bound to make your eyeglasses wearing experience more fun and hassle free.

Our selections of frames have been sourced from leading eyewear brands across the country that ensure and excel in comfort, fit and durability for the wearer.

At Credit Valley Optical, we offer you the comfort of getting an in-house eye examination to get your power checked and then walk out with the prescribed lenses in a frame of your choice. Furthermore, we give our clients the option to get customized prescription sunglasses so that they can enjoy distortion free vision even under the blazing sun.

We also offer a plethora of choices for prescription lenses. These include polarized lenses, which can help reduce the glare in your sunglasses, polycarbonate lenses that are shatter resistant and suitable for use during physical activities, aspheric lenses which are ideal for strong prescriptions as they are flat and thin, photochromic lenses which are clear indoors and darken automatically in sunlight, amongst various other lens tints that help enhance the viewing experience through different frames.

Nowadays, owing to the ongoing fashion trends, different eyeglass frames are a must have in every wardrobe. Gone are the days when eyeglasses were boring and monotonous. Having fun with these quirky designs and different shapes is the new trend. Because, why compromise on style?

So, if you are experiencing blurry vision, eye strain while working on the laptop or watching television or reduced visibility in any or both eyes, visit Credit Valley Optical in Mississauga today and choose from our choicest frames to get your perfect pair of prescription glasses.

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