Hottest Style for Spring/Summer 2017

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Summer brings with it the promise of fun and sunshine. The glasses you wear should reflect that. You need not go out of the house with the same old prescription eyeglasses you wear during the winter. You can get sunglasses that aid your vision while making you look and feel great.

The various designs of such frames have advanced beyond all expectations. Eyewear designers are experimenting with all kind of shapes and forms. Fusions and combinations of everything imaginable have occurred. And the result has been the production of a range of summer eye wear that does not disappoint.

Oversize glasses have gained in popularity. Once thought of as a sign of geekiness, the remake of oversized prescription eyewear is now one of the hottest things going. Oversized glasses on cute and slender faces are especially sexy, which is why the beach bunnies of the coming season will be sure to sport them.

Designers have also taken up Sci-Fi related themes. They have made sunglasses that resemble the ensemble of characters from futuristic films.

Sunglasses with clear lenses are also making a splash. They are fun and interesting and add a dash of sophistication to the face of the wearer.

Another trend this coming spring is double wire eyewear. At first sight, it is a bit funky; and it makes the wearer look a bit bizarre. After a while, however, one is able to get into the groove of things and recognize the aesthetic value in such a distinct and different form of eyewear.

Clear plastic glasses are also in. These can come in bright, warm, pastel, or any other kind of colour. They also vary in shape. Designers have gone through great lengths in their experimentation, and it has paid off.

Funky geometry sunglasses have been spotted on more than one runway. The craftiness of the design is what makes them so interesting and fun to wear and look at.

Glasses with butterfly wings made an appearance last season, but did not take off. They are back this year. They are back and seem to be in high demand. The sharp, well-designed angles on these glasses give them a universal appeal.

Glasses that are flat at the top allow those who want something stark and modest. These glasses can be worn just about anywhere. You can wear them if you are going to an event and want to maintain a moderate and modest look. You can also wear them if you are going out with friends and want to make a fashion statement.

And of course, there are the aviator sunglasses. Not a season goes by in which there is not a new iteration of this classic form. This year’s aviator sunglasses are cooler and slicker than anything that has come before. If you are looking to stand out, to strike a strong and elegant pose, you can never go wrong with aviator sunglasses.

Get your spring and summer wardrobe in order. Start with the glasses and all else will fall into place.