Eyesight exercises you can do to improve your sight

Posted on: November 30, 2016

The world is obsessed with smartphones, tablets, computers, and television. Whether you are glued to these devices for work or for pleasure, today’s lifestyle has increased our risks of poor eyesight.

Just like most parts of the human body, your eyes also benefit a lot from regular exercise. Taking care of your eyes may help save you from a lifetime of contact lenses, prescription glasses, or expensive eye surgeries.

Below are some eye exercises you can try to help improve your eyesight and keep your only set of eyes healthy:

Focus, focus, focus

Sit comfortably and make sure you keep your posture in check.

Start your eye exercise by putting your thumb (or any finger) around 10 inches from you. Now, focus on your finger for a few seconds.

The next step is to pick an object that is just around 10 to 20 feet from you. Focus on that object for a few seconds then switch your eyes to your finger.

Do this for a few minutes and help your eyes improve its focus. Another variant of this is by imagining a big figure of eight that your eyes will trace slowly. You can start by visualizing a standing eight then turning the number sideways.


When you are glued to your phone, tablet or TV to do some work, play a game or do some binge watching, you tend to blink less. Blinking helps keep our eyes fresh by aiding proper lubrication.

Just like a camera, when you blink, your eyes are reset to take in new information once you open your eyes.

Another good exercise for your eyesight is blinking. You can blink every 4-5 seconds and do it for around 2-3 minutes. You can do this exercise through the day especially when you have been in front of the computer or TV screen for a long while.

Round the Clock

As the name suggests, your will use your eye muscles to make your eyes go “round the clock.”

Sit comfortably and start this set of exercise with your eyes closed. Imagine 12 and 6 on the face of the clock. Now, you need to look at that imaginary 12 and rotate your eyes down to look at that 6. Repeat this motion 10-20 times.

Next movement will involve looking at an imaginary 3 and 9. So from one portion of the imaginary clock, with your eyes still closed, you will look at the 3 then cross the dial to look at the 9. Again, do this several times as this may help you address blurry vision.


Take a break from your computer screen and try to rest your eyes and relieve some stress.

On your chair, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Now you can place your hands over your eyes with your palm covering them. Rest the heel of your hands on your cheeks while your finger stays on your forehead.

Remember that you should not put any pressure on your eyes. While palming, you should be comfortable enough to blink. While it looks pretty uninteresting, palming can give your eyes that much-deserved rest.