Eyeglasses to match your face shape

Posted on: April 10, 2016

If there is one accessory you need to put a lot of thought into, it is your eyewear. Whether you are looking for sunglasses or prescription eyewear, your choice can make or break your style. Below is a simple guide on how to identify your facial shape, and what types of frames you should be looking for to make sure you are emphasizing your best features and maintaining the balance of your face.

Round face shapes. Round face shapes are defined by their full cheeks, wide foreheads, and rounded chins. You know you have a round face shape when you feel like there is more flesh to your face than any angular definition. Round shapes can look very youthful, and there is nothing wrong with having fuller cheeks than most. However, the right type of eyewear can put more balance to any round face shape. The best eyewear matches for round faces are squares or strong angular frames. Round faces should avoid round frames, especially those that are too small. Angular frames which are too small can also work against round faces.

Diamond face shapes. You have a diamond facial shape when you have high and wide cheekbones with foreheads and chins which taper narrower than the centre of your face. The diamond’s jawline is usually very strong. One must avoid narrow or thin frames if pairing with a diamond facial shape. Frames that draw too much attention to the narrow eye line is also not recommended. The best frames for diamonds are oval and rimless. Glasses with stronger brow lines also work well.

Heart face shapes. You have a heart shaped face when your forehead is wide, your cheeks are high and defined, and you have a smaller, narrower chin. Because of the broadness of your forehead, you must avoid frames that are top-heavy. Darker frames also tend to draw too much attention to the upper part of your face, so you must avoid these. Oval and round-shaped glasses with thin, light coloured frames work best for heart shapes.

Square face shapes. Square face shapes are similar to round shapes because the length and width of the face is similar. However, square faces have defined jaw lines and sometimes cheekbones. The jawline of the square tends to be more horizontal then vertical, though, and the forehead tends to be the same width as the lower part of the face. The square face is wider than it is long so round frames work best. Squares already have too much angle going for them so rectangle and square frames are not recommended. As for the colour, dark frames work better than light coloured ones.

Oval face shapes. Most people would consider the oval face shape as the ideal face shape because it is so well balanced. The chin of the over is just slightly narrower than the forehead. The lines of the over shape are also very soft. The cheekbones are also high and angled. Any frame would work for an oval face, although one must be careful with the size of the frame. Just make sure that the frame is not too big or too small that it disrupts with the generally pleasant balance of this facial shape.