Computer screens and your eyes – what you need to know

Posted on: October 28, 2016

If you have to be in front of a computer screen for several hours in a day it is important to consider the health of your eyes. Although permanent eye damage is unlikely, you may experience many symptoms such as dry eyes, migraines, fatigue, shoulder and neck strain and a loss of focus. This may be problematic in the work place due to decreased performance and productivity. This article will discuss various ways you can prevent eye irritation from gazing at a computer for lengthy periods of time.

Visit an Eye Doctor

Make sure to have a routine check-up on your eyes, especially if your job requires several hours in front of a computer. It is ideal to get a full exam once a year. Your eye doctor will be able to prescribe any needed glasses or contact lenses. You may also be prescribed computer glasses that are especially designed for computer work.

Look Away from the Computer Screen Periodically

Although it may seem like a small habit, taking a half an hour break every from the computer work can do wonders for your eyes. This allows your eyesight to relax from the strain of the glare of the screen. Look away and stare at something in a far distance for at least 30 seconds.

Consider an Eyesight Supplement

There are many supplements on the market designed to improve eyesight. These supplements usually contain an array of vitamins, such as A, C and E ;also omega fatty acids and lutein. If you don’t want to take a daily supplement, simply eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.

Reduce Exterior Lighting in the Room

Dimming the office lights, closing the drapes or using low intensity light bulbs are effective ways to reduce excessive lighting outside the computer screen. Many individuals that consider this tactic usually experience less strain on their eyes.

Periodically Massage the Eyes

Rub your hands together to generate heat and gently massage the top of the eyelids. This can relax the eyes and reduce headaches. Make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and clean prior to using this method. Bacteria from the hands can cause infection and make the irritation even worse.

Keep The Eyes Moist

To reduce dry eyes, be sure to blink frequently. This can also be achieved by using eyedrops.

Change Your Computer Settings

Adjusting the brightness, contrast and text size could potentially reduce eye strain. Simply play around with the settings and see which one feels the best. Reducing the brightness alone may do wonders.

Adjust the position of your Monitor

Although it may be obvious to some, placing your face too close to the monitor could be one of the main causes of eye fatigue. Push the monitor further away and see if that does the trick. If you find it difficult to see the screen without sitting too close to it you may need prescription eyeware.